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Kurt ClasonI have always been interested in working with wood.  Both my Dad & Grandfather had small woodshops in their homes.  This love of woodworking continued through high school where I worked with my uncle, while on vacation, building homes.  Even while attending the Coast Guard Academy I often did small custom furniture work for customers.  The Coast Guard offered me the opportunity of the lifetime, by allowing me to specialize in Industrial Management.  In this capacity, I oversaw all maintenance, repair and renovation for the lighthouses off of New England.  For fifteen years, I managed construction crews doing everything from maintaining the buildings to converting the lights from manual operation to solar control.  When I retired from the Coast Guard, I wanted to do something that I was passionate about and would love coming to work every day.  Fortunately, I had already been working on the islands part time, so the decision to go full time was easy.

Today we are a small custom woodworking shop dedicated to working with our clients to turn their dreams into reality.  We have a full custom cabinet shop to make any kitchen cabinet or built-in that you want in your home.  We also work with you to restore what time has done to your island home.  This can range from installing new footings, jacking the house back up to re-level or renovating rooms for a new use.  We have installed closets, built exterior showers, renovated outside porches for use as game rooms, replaced decks and other similar work.  We also work with your architect or have partnerships with local architects to design the home of your dreams.  As a design/build firm, we can also work with you to take your own design into reality.  My partnerships with local barge companies, plumbers, electricians and painters allows us to be a one-stop shop to build the entire house from the foundation to the Occupancy Permit.

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